Those Things 003: Eshelman Pottery

For these past couple of weeks, my best friend and I have been taking part in a beginner’s pottery course (largely for mental health reasons, of course).

As cheesy as it sounds, I signed up largely for the experience rather than the final product. I don’t really mind if I don’t take anything home.

That means when I see inspiring pottery, such as Eshelman Pottery, I am itching to reach for my wallet and purchase, oh you know, like half of their pieces.

I absolutely adore the simple yet unusual shapes of their pieces. And their color glazes make my heart melt.

Storytime: found out about these amazing artists at Hyde Part Art Festival earlier this year. My boyfriend bought an orange version of the mug below, and was not a fan of the light blue. I, on the other hand, am completely in love with the blue and I am having the opposite of buyer’s remorse. Is there a term for this? Non-buyer’s remorse? I reckoned we had so many Starbucks mugs, Adventure Time mugs, etc. I wouldn’t regret it. Now every time I see his orange mug I am crying on the inside.

I should probably buy it right? You tell me.