September 2015 Goals


If I could insert a somewhat cheeky laugh here, I would.

How many of my goals did I meet last month? 2. Well, 2.5 if you include that I am halfway done with my first card.

There were a various number of reasons why I didn’t hit all my goals – unrealistic expectations, change of course for Space Thyme, and time (“thyme” haha OK got it).

This time around, I changed up a few things. I’m nervous about the “20 Minutes a day” requirement I wrote down, as I think these goals shouldn’t about what I want to do daily. Alas, I wrote it down before I could change, so we’ll see how it goes.

1) Complete 1st Card: Halfway there, living on a prayer.

2) Design 2nd Card: Important, as I don’t plan on printing it without learning polymer printing. This way I can include some fun illustrations.

3) 20 Min Science Everyday: This is for inspiration for my cards. We’ll see what happens.

4) 10 Hours total of handlettering practice and watch the next video in Sean Wes’ series: Last time around I said 10 hours per week. That was a bit unrealistic, considering how I want to become a master coder, illustrator, designer, and card maker as well. Handlettering will definitely supplement these practices, but it has to share my spare time with these other pursuits I have.

5) Finish Javascript Book: Long story short, the boyfriend got a Javascript book and I am determined to read all tasks and finish it. Take a peek yourself, I recommend it.

6) Make one project: using Phaser.js. Doing this just to get my hands a little dirty.

7) One non-regular post per week: Besides “Those Things” and “Resource Run”, I have not been posting at all about printing. One might inquire: Why even do this blog at all?

I. Will. DO. THIS.

8) Make wood background: for pretty pictures, like such. 

What are your goals for September? Any tips on how to make sure you do them all? Give me all the thoughts and feels.

August 2015 Goals


I’m someone who tends to be all over the place. And I mean that seriously.

To hold myself more accountable to finishing some projects, as well as getting at least something done per month, I am creating a monthly goal list for myself.

1) First Card Creation: I mean a full out, start-to-finish card project creation for Space Thyme. This will also entail (basically another goal) coming up with an official logo for Space Thyme.

2) Handlettering Practice: I hope to do at least an hour of this everyday, but I’ll make the total hours per week 10 hours.

3) Small goals to Big Goal: I’ve got my big dream goal, thanks to Sean Wes’ podcast on dreaming big, but I have yet to create my 20-ish steps that will lead me there.

4) Domain Mapping: Gotta get my domain from linked to this blog. I plan to go fully self-hosted soon, but until then, someone help a sistah out?

5) 1st International Blog Post: I miss Chinese and Korean, and plan to practice these languages more by featuring more international crafters and illustrators here.

6) 1st batch of Funion bags finalized: I have been working on Funion bags for a while (blog post soon!), but not entirely happy with the print nor the bag itself. To be continued.

7) One Gym Class a Week: Back to the old days of focusing more on physical health…

8) Social Media Set up: Not set up on all social media accounts just quite yet. Almost there.

What are your August goals? Are you all over the place like me?

Resource Run 08/02/15


++ Blog/Coding ++

I am no master of CSS, but I found this list of 12 little-known CSS facts to be rather interesting.

Also, was doing a bit of research myself on blog post timing. Came across this website with a lot of interesting facts (not sure how true it is, but nevertheless worth a peek).

++ Motivation ++

It’s funny, as everything on the list is pretty obvious. But Camille Style’s “How to Start the Day on a Happy Note” is a great reminder of the things I should be doing each morning. I might even make a handlettered list when I get the chance.

My fav? Be Lavish with Affection. Definitely making this a priority, not just for the boyfriend and pet toucan, but also for my long-distance friends.

++ Read ++

Just finished an amazing book: The Birth of the Pill. Relentlessly driven by the thought of revolutionizing sex and womanhood, four off-beat folks come together to pursue something previously unimaginable: a simple pill to prevent pregnancy.

This book features extremely important history about feminism and what it meant to be a woman in the world less than 100 years ago. Reading this book definitely opened my eyes and made me extremely thankful for those who fought for a woman’s right to sexual freedom and control of her own body. Every woman should read this book (and men, so they can better understand and respect us ladies).

++ Print ++

Totally in love with Gingiber’s screenprinted items that are covered in animals. Definitely makes me want to make some tea towels.

Create More Than You Consume

It’s been a strange past three weeks – I have been intensely busy with my new work. It is not detrimentally stressful nor painful for my soul to do, which was how I felt with my first few months of teaching.

Instead, my Google Calendar (which I’ve never really relied upon before) has been chock full of phone calls.

As suggested by a coworker, I have now begun blocking off 4-5 hours of a time per day and labeled it as “Sanity”. No phone calls, no interviews, no meetings allowed. Phew.

I wanted to create a separate blogpost to highlight something I read as part of Sean Wes‘ newsletter on Handlettering. The email was titled “Has Your Hand Lettering Spark Fizzled Out? Here’s 5 Ways to Stay Motivated & Driven”.

Number 3 was a screenshot of the words: “Create More Than You Consume.”


When I read it, I was in momentary denial that I consume much more than I create. I mean, I’m not a huge shopper! But after a moment’s reflection I realized the consumerism in my life was subtle.

I love to learn. I really do. I could devour books, read blog posts with informative tutorials and tips, watch tutorials on Codecademy/Team Treehouse, go to lectures, peruse Etsy, and listen to podcasts on end. I am an image and information sponge. But the truth is, when it comes to my dreams of wanting to do X, Y, and Z after being inspired by all the things listed above, I halt at creation. Instead, I fall back into the “consuming” information cycle.

Why do I do this? Well, because it’s easy.

Creation takes more than inspiration. It requires planning, diligence, development of skills, setting goals with tangible steps, and most importantly, follow through.

Action Item? To hold myself accountable – every 5 things I peruse, I must create.

Whether it be drafting an idea, adding to an art project, designing my webpage, writing a blog post, sketching, painting, creating something after being inspired, etc… creating must > consuming.

How do you feel about this concept? Do you think you consume or create more? How do you find the balance? Let me know!