Resource Run 07/12/15

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Today is Sunday Funday! For now my links will be generated on a weekly Sunday basis, ready for you to dive in at the beginning of the week.

++ Motivation ++

Sean Wes, whose website has officially made me want to learn handlettering, asks of us in his podcast to set larger than life goals that are outside our reality. I was skeptical at first, but I actually highly recommend a listen. Being someone who is lost in life, the consistent questioning of “WHY?” is important.

++ Fashion ++

Damsel in Dior’s recent post featuring a gorgeous white dress (with a price tag out of my dreams) has officially made me go on a white dress binge.

++ Design ++

An article on the key features of flat design that is all the rage these days. On my to do list to practice.

And this is going in my toolkit for future use: Flat UI Color picker.

++ Print ++

My newest obsession is definitely letterpress. I find the indentation that a Vandercook-4 can make into paper simply irresistible.  Double Trip Press, based out of Chicago, stokes the fires.

That’s it folks! Stay tuned for the next Resource Run.