Resource Run 09/27/15

resources10++ Coding ++

For those new to the world of Github, this is a helpful introduction article.

++ Design ++

I did not think about how the Rule-of-Thirds in photography applied to creating print design until this post. Probably really obvious, but I always associated the rule with photography.

++ Positivity ++

Wow did I really need to see a post like this. Zenhabits’ author makes an excellent point that all our negative feelings stem from a place of uncertainty. Seriously. Just think about it. Even simple awareness of uncertainty can help soothe the fears, which makes this such a fantastic post to reflect upon.

++ Fashion ++

Diggin’ the gem-stone, gold jewelry in Powers Handcrafted Jewelry. Particularly in love with the semicircle shapes. Totally treating myself to a ring post-getting all my edits done for this week.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to a new Monday!

Those Things 008: Tom Pigeon

Created by Pete and Kristy Thomas, Tom Pigeon is a creative studio that makes minimalistic jewelry, stationary, and prints. As a big fan of simple geometric statements, this makes me want to jump into creating geometric screen prints, stat.

The fabric of this necklace (copper and formica) and their contrast is stunning:

Their abstract prints are also amazing. Below is “Harbour”:

“Sol Dawn”:

Those Things 006: Moira K. Lime

Alright gentlemen. Name me one thing more awkward than a girl purchasing her own engagement ring. Yup, didn’t think so.

Not that I am planning to do that soon, of course…

But stumbling upon Moira K. Lime‘s gorgeous collection of handmade engagement rings makes it hard not to. For some reason, I find her marriage/engagement collection a lot more drawing than her regular collection.

So, good men of this world – please buy your soon to be fiancees one of these rings and make me happy.

Moira K. Lime is an artist based out of Indiana who finds inspiration from geometric patterns in nature. She creates with a mindset of producing an heirloom and she even donates part of the profit to animal shelters!

I am a huge sucker for the yellow gold. But I also love the intricate geometric patterns of the ring bands, as well as the interesting jewel shapes.

Wedding bands too. Ugh, stahp.

I do also love her stud earrings selection.

Those Things 004: Bird of Virtue


A couple weeks ago, my best friend (A, featured from my last post) and I were galavanting in San Francisco. We hold many dear memories from the time we both “interned” in the city during our young college years (if you call interning working at a small chocolate company, sure).

Our main focuses in SF: window shopping, occasionally purchasing, waiting for 3 hours to eat, and eating.

One brand of jewelry I came across that I adored was Bird of Virtue. Linnea uses wood laser techniques to craft her beautiful necklaces and earrings. I only managed to leave the town with studs and I wish the store had featured her other pieces. Upon looking online at her work, I also discovered she has a “String Theory” collection. I, of course, giggle with happiness.

Ah well, better late than never, am I right?

She has a fascinating collection of braille necklaces as well.


She also has a delightful collection for men. Great presents for the men, ladies. (My man is a startup lad, so no formalwear for him).

My heart literally stopped for this piece. The geometric pattern! The colors!

002 Those Things: Mica Peet

For those who don’t know me (and even do know me), I am a sucker for a few things in the holy Jewelryland:

1. Earrings

2. Geometric shapes, particularly triangles or hexagons.

3. Anything eccentric/weird.

I came across Mica Peet’s Etsy store while I was on the hunt to create a bird-themed collage. I became so enamored with her work that I felt the need to create an entirely separate blog post. Cue the birdsongs.

Mica Peet uses a combination of paper, brass, and lasered cut wood to make her beautiful creations. Her shop features items in addition to jewelry, like these coasters below (I can’t handle how much I love the contrast between the colored paper and the infinite black circles in the badger’s face!).

So I could stop now or just keep going…

Those Things 001: Tiro Tiro

I was staring at other blogs to figure out how to start off with a good “beginning” post. There’s a good chance most people won’t see this first post, so I decided to jump straight into writing about what I really want to. I will probably do a more proper introductory post once I figure out what I want to do with my life (or this blog, for that matter).

I’m starting up with a “Those Things” post. Here is what makes up a “Those Things” post:

  • something I love
  • something I need to meditate on truly buying
  • something that is awesome possum status anyways and I might just give into the buy

Like I said, pretty unstructured. We’ll see how things play out.

Today I’m featuring Tiro Tiro,  a jewelry designer who stumbled across metalsmithing in Mexico and started 3 successful jewelry lines (note to self: bucket list for dabble classes). I’m a sucker for all things geometric with multiple lines and her rings hit the spot. The only drawback for me is that I usually cannot handle wearing rings as I get too irritated. Her other pieces with the white linen fringe is also edgy and beautiful, but not quite something I would adorn.

Porta Ring – Tiro Tiro

Campana Necklace – Tiro Tiro

Oh, and side note – hair styling on the models? Bizarrely awesome.