Those Things 012: a&k Woodworking and Design

a&k is a small woodworking business located in Austin, TX. After graduating Massachusetts College Art and Design, Amanda McKeever and Khiem Nguyen decided to begin this incredible business. Aside from their products, one thing definitely worth checking out is their blog, as they show awesome behind-the-scenes images!

Sigh – there is always something so grounding and homey about wood furniture. Off to admire their work for a bit! (bonus: cool interactivity on the website – when you hover over the images, they show you the measurements)

[As always, the photos are linked to their actual website for purchasing]

A lot of their work is very simplistic and zen.

Gorgeous headboard:

I present to you the most gorgeous candle holders I’ve ever seen (don’t worry, the candles are in a glass container and cannot make the wood catch on fire. I checked.):

You can order custom designs from them as well! Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for new furniture.

Those Things 011: Velvet Mustache

My boyfriend and I love wandering into eclectic stores during our holiday trips. One of the stores we wandered into had an amazing collection of cushions hanging around on different furniture. As huge adorable animal fans, we nearly fell over with happiness. I kind of regret not buying one (hint: Christmas present? Lunar Moon Festival present??)

Velvet Mustache is a Canadian company that creates animal cushions for you to cuddle and make your horrible day much, much better. They use sustainable practices (local materials) to create their cushions, which is awesome.

I highly recommend that you get one for mental health. Let me know which is your favorite! (all images are from, click for direct link to purchase)

Love the rose texture on this one: 

They sell adorable brooches as well and they have amazing patterns:

Go check them out!

Resource Run 08/23/2015


++ Art ++

I’ve never heard of the wooden aquarelle coloring technique until now. Design Milk did a recent feature on Meike Harde’s wooden aquarelle pieces, which is absolutely stunning. Would love to have one of these mesmerizing, colorful pieces for my home.

++ Typography ++

A dating website for type? Who knew. Check out this super fun game to learn a bit more about type.

++ Positivity ++

My newest diet plan: eating a crapton of veggies. Brought to you by Zenhabits. I died laughing while reading this article.

++ Design ++

Last week, I was designing a small infographic for my company and read a great article that infographics should have minimal colors, but multiple shades. Here is a great article for creating shades in Illustrator.

Let me know if you find any of these interesting or useful!