Those Things 004: Bird of Virtue


A couple weeks ago, my best friend (A, featured from my last post) and I were galavanting in San Francisco. We hold many dear memories from the time we both “interned” in the city during our young college years (if you call interning working at a small chocolate company, sure).

Our main focuses in SF: window shopping, occasionally purchasing, waiting for 3 hours to eat, and eating.

One brand of jewelry I came across that I adored was Bird of Virtue. Linnea uses wood laser techniques to craft her beautiful necklaces and earrings. I only managed to leave the town with studs and I wish the store had featured her other pieces. Upon looking online at her work, I also discovered she has a “String Theory” collection. I, of course, giggle with happiness.

Ah well, better late than never, am I right?

She has a fascinating collection of braille necklaces as well.


She also has a delightful collection for men. Great presents for the men, ladies. (My man is a startup lad, so no formalwear for him).

My heart literally stopped for this piece. The geometric pattern! The colors!

002 Those Things: Mica Peet

For those who don’t know me (and even do know me), I am a sucker for a few things in the holy Jewelryland:

1. Earrings

2. Geometric shapes, particularly triangles or hexagons.

3. Anything eccentric/weird.

I came across Mica Peet’s Etsy store while I was on the hunt to create a bird-themed collage. I became so enamored with her work that I felt the need to create an entirely separate blog post. Cue the birdsongs.

Mica Peet uses a combination of paper, brass, and lasered cut wood to make her beautiful creations. Her shop features items in addition to jewelry, like these coasters below (I can’t handle how much I love the contrast between the colored paper and the infinite black circles in the badger’s face!).

So I could stop now or just keep going…