Resource Run 09/27/15

resources10++ Coding ++

For those new to the world of Github, this is a helpful introduction article.

++ Design ++

I did not think about how the Rule-of-Thirds in photography applied to creating print design until this post. Probably really obvious, but I always associated the rule with photography.

++ Positivity ++

Wow did I really need to see a post like this. Zenhabits’ author makes an excellent point that all our negative feelings stem from a place of uncertainty. Seriously. Just think about it. Even simple awareness of uncertainty can help soothe the fears, which makes this such a fantastic post to reflect upon.

++ Fashion ++

Diggin’ the gem-stone, gold jewelry in Powers Handcrafted Jewelry. Particularly in love with the semicircle shapes. Totally treating myself to a ring post-getting all my edits done for this week.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to a new Monday!

Resource Run 08/02/15


++ Blog/Coding ++

I am no master of CSS, but I found this list of 12 little-known CSS facts to be rather interesting.

Also, was doing a bit of research myself on blog post timing. Came across this website with a lot of interesting facts (not sure how true it is, but nevertheless worth a peek).

++ Motivation ++

It’s funny, as everything on the list is pretty obvious. But Camille Style’s “How to Start the Day on a Happy Note” is a great reminder of the things I should be doing each morning. I might even make a handlettered list when I get the chance.

My fav? Be Lavish with Affection. Definitely making this a priority, not just for the boyfriend and pet toucan, but also for my long-distance friends.

++ Read ++

Just finished an amazing book: The Birth of the Pill. Relentlessly driven by the thought of revolutionizing sex and womanhood, four off-beat folks come together to pursue something previously unimaginable: a simple pill to prevent pregnancy.

This book features extremely important history about feminism and what it meant to be a woman in the world less than 100 years ago. Reading this book definitely opened my eyes and made me extremely thankful for those who fought for a woman’s right to sexual freedom and control of her own body. Every woman should read this book (and men, so they can better understand and respect us ladies).

++ Print ++

Totally in love with Gingiber’s screenprinted items that are covered in animals. Definitely makes me want to make some tea towels.

Resource Run 07/26/15

++ Fashion ++
I’ve been looking for a pair of light wash jeans that would look amazing with some brown, short boots. I may have found a stunning winner from Judi Rosen of Wicker Park, Chicago.
++ Blog/Coding ++
Too be honest, still trying to figure this article out. I’ve never thought to figure out a hierarchy for my tags, but I think once I get to truly designing my own blog layout, this is something I would like to focus on as part of that project.
++ Letterpress ++
I am currently three classes in deep with my beginner’s letterpress course and am absolutely in love. Another part of my secret dream is to have my own letterpress studio that creates custom letterpress materials for events and distribute my own designs to stores. Anyways, enough dreaming for now, but I did come across this great post about 7 places to find a letterpress. Holding on to this one, for sure.
++ Design ++
If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been using this blog to minimally practice some flat design skills (cough, this post, cough). I came across this infographic about flat design when I created my own first infographic, and was sure to incorporate some elements into my image. I hope you find this as useful as I did.
Let me know if you found any links this week that fall under these categories! I also wanted to share my official Space Thyme Pinterest with y’all, where these links will definitely live along with other things I find fascinating (Tswift styles? Hollaaa).

Resource Run 07/19/15


++ Blog/Coding ++

Some prime advice from the lovely lady of Its Pink Pot on CSS tricks to transform the look of your blog.

++ Typography ++

Who knew that a special form of font was created for vision tests? Learn more about optotypes here. 

++ Design ++ 

Little does my boyfriend know that I am doing a bit of promotion on his behalf – not that he needs it for his already well-read article on the 5 principles of User Friendly Design in action. But seriously, give it a read. Clear, succinct advice that can apply to any designer’s work.

I also spoke to soon last week. Another excellent tool for your toolkit in Flat UI design for selecting colors. Apparently these colors are deemed best for Flat Design due to their lack of saturation.

++ Print ++

I stumbled upon HelloLucky, a letterpress card maker, during my recent trip to San Francisco and was hit with a smattering of envy. This is what I strive to achieve, I do not lie.

++ Fashion ++

Speaking of envy, Sade of In my Sunday Best poses in a glorious jean dress with an adorable head scarf. These are going on my next month purchasing list for sure…

Three Things

Well today I am starting my new job and insanely nervous, which I’m sure many of you have felt on your first day! It’s already surreal for me to be lounging on my job pre-work, mainly due to the fact that I am used to sprinting from the house at 6:30 AM to try to get to school on time whilst grabbing a coffee.

I had a lovely chat with a good friend, T, last Friday about productivity and how I always seem to overload myself with everything I want to do. And then of course, finding myself not being able to do it. I’ve tried multiple ways of making sure I get everything I want to done, like creating one giant list on Wunderlist that I cycle through, or several lists that I make sure I follow one task each. Either way, it wasn’t working out.

She advised me on something simple: choose three things to commit to every day.

Now, I did a little doodle on this, but my scanner is AWOL so I’ll just have to write it out. I thought to myself what 3 things I want to work on daily (later it will be monthly and yearly as well).

1. Space-Thyme:

By this I mean my blog, my dream Etsy shop, and pushing myself to learn how to illustrate, design (I am by no means a natural artist, I developed this passion recently), screenprinting and letterpress.

2. Coding:

I think in this day and age, skills > degrees in many cases. I’ve always wanted to design websites and maybe even generate platforms. Either way, this is something I keep picking up and dropping (I even took a 12 week workshop series earlier this year), so I really need to push through with it so it’s something I can confidently utilize.

3. Physical Health:

I’ve dropped the ball on this one ever since I stopped competitively swimming, and more recently, being a yoga fanatic. I was even teaching yoga as a part-time job at one point! Now that I am not deliriously drowning in the world of teaching, I want to refocus on my physical health for the long term and see how to incorporate it around this new 9 – 6 job (wow, I’m such an adult).

What three things are you committing to/do you want to commit to daily? Have you found other ways of hitting up everything you want to learn/do on a regular basis? Let us know!