Those Things 008: Tom Pigeon

Created by Pete and Kristy Thomas, Tom Pigeon is a creative studio that makes minimalistic jewelry, stationary, and prints. As a big fan of simple geometric statements, this makes me want to jump into creating geometric screen prints, stat.

The fabric of this necklace (copper and formica) and their contrast is stunning:

Their abstract prints are also amazing. Below is “Harbour”:

“Sol Dawn”:

Resource Run 08/09/2015


++ Typography ++

Somewhat bored? Play this silly little game called Shoot the Serif. You get to shoot, yup you guessed it, theserif.

On a more serious note – looking to brush up on your typography terminology? Look no further than this Fontroduction guide.

++ Clothing ++

Wait, this is amazing. Modernized Korean han-bok outfits? I am so tempted to buy one as a proud Korean. Definitely worth checking out the article and the store itself

++ Print ++

This is a fascinating interview with Amelie Mancini (featured recently in one of my Those Things posts). She discusses the difficulty of going wholesale and the decisions she’s had to make in the process of developing in her identity and her market.

++ Design ++

love this website for selecting color palettes. The space bar feature makes it very convenient to scroll through color combinations, and you can “lock” color(s) in place so that they have to be part of the color palate generation. Super nifty.

What useful resources did you come across this week?

Resource Run 07/19/15


++ Blog/Coding ++

Some prime advice from the lovely lady of Its Pink Pot on CSS tricks to transform the look of your blog.

++ Typography ++

Who knew that a special form of font was created for vision tests? Learn more about optotypes here. 

++ Design ++ 

Little does my boyfriend know that I am doing a bit of promotion on his behalf – not that he needs it for his already well-read article on the 5 principles of User Friendly Design in action. But seriously, give it a read. Clear, succinct advice that can apply to any designer’s work.

I also spoke to soon last week. Another excellent tool for your toolkit in Flat UI design for selecting colors. Apparently these colors are deemed best for Flat Design due to their lack of saturation.

++ Print ++

I stumbled upon HelloLucky, a letterpress card maker, during my recent trip to San Francisco and was hit with a smattering of envy. This is what I strive to achieve, I do not lie.

++ Fashion ++

Speaking of envy, Sade of In my Sunday Best poses in a glorious jean dress with an adorable head scarf. These are going on my next month purchasing list for sure…

Cards For Awesome People: Easy, Tiger

Easy, Tiger 1

Ah, day two of work. Still adjusting to the routine and a LOT of stuff going on at once. The biggest thing for me is knowing how to adjust my free time outside of work so I can fully commit to the three goals I set. However, I’m making sure I don’t beat myself up about it for now because I know adjusting takes a while.

In my previous post, I mentioned that one of my daily Three Things was to develop Space Thyme in conjunction with an actual Etsy store, wait for it… Space Thyme. I keep waiting for myself to begin producing items, but I decided to jump the boat and go for it tonight (UPDATE: aaaaaand was held up. I need to create a listing. Will get this done instead after this Thursday when I go to Spudnik Press to get a batch of cards done). I am not exactly sure if I have a clear focus yet. A part of me wants to focus on jewelry, screenprinting items, letterpressing cards, and maybe even designing a few blog layouts. As you can see, I’m a girl of many dreams and the best intentions. The real question is: Can I follow through?

So anyways, hope y’all can hold me accountable.

In the meantime, I wanted to feature a card company that I love. Last week, my boyfriend, S, and I travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, for a quick getaway before I began my new job. I won’t go into details here – more coming soon!

In one of the last stores we wandered into, S and I came across Easy, Tiger cards, which were absolutely adorable. According to their website, they began their company by repurposing old vending machines to sell their tiny 2.5″ x 5″ cards. Then they expanded to sell awesome stuff in general. Things I adore about them (all images link directly to their store Easy, Tiger):

1) Quirky image and text juxtaposition 

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.41.03 PM

2) The loving messages with a twist

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.42.27 PM

Easy, Tiger 4

3) The typography and color schemes

Easy, Tiger 5

4. I like unicorns. They like unicorns. Okay pegasus. Same difference.

Easy, Tiger

Source: Easy, Tiger