Those Things 007: Jenny N. Design

I have been looking for adorable bags everywhere and I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.

Meet Jenny Nemlekar: a biomedical engineer turned artist who manipulates materials into gorgeous bags. I feel like I can somewhat relate – my neuroscience nerdiness is always a part of me, but the thing that is holding me back from pursuing a full-on science career is my need to create. Definitely an inspiring woman.

Learn more about her here!

Those Things 005: Amelie Mancini

Am I super weird for being in love with these beautiful arrow spoons from Amelie Mancini? Is it almost too much of an obsession with arrows?

Well so be it. These are amazing.

Brass, copper, silver, you name it. There is something here for you to find.

Amelie Mancini is a French artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. She makes all of her work by hand in her studio, be it woodworking, printing on fabric or paper and painting. She privileges playfulness and creativity in her work and enjoys exploring a variety of mediums.

Just in case you were wondering, she creates numerous other goodies besides arrow themed eating utensils. And they are just as gorgeous.