Resource Run 09/13/2015


Sorry for not being consistent with these posts! Will do a better job of this.

++ Print ++

By the Book Boutique creates items inspired from old library cataloguing slips. Super neat concept, great presents for book lovers.

++ Design ++

This website features amazing games for designers to practice their skills. Pretty addictive and I may or may not have been playing some of these at work…

++ Typography ++

Tinder for font-pairing. ’nuff said.

++ Fashion ++

I am a huge fan of this denim jumpsuit Chriselle is modelling – one day I will get something similar!

September 2015 Goals


If I could insert a somewhat cheeky laugh here, I would.

How many of my goals did I meet last month? 2. Well, 2.5 if you include that I am halfway done with my first card.

There were a various number of reasons why I didn’t hit all my goals – unrealistic expectations, change of course for Space Thyme, and time (“thyme” haha OK got it).

This time around, I changed up a few things. I’m nervous about the “20 Minutes a day” requirement I wrote down, as I think these goals shouldn’t about what I want to do daily. Alas, I wrote it down before I could change, so we’ll see how it goes.

1) Complete 1st Card: Halfway there, living on a prayer.

2) Design 2nd Card: Important, as I don’t plan on printing it without learning polymer printing. This way I can include some fun illustrations.

3) 20 Min Science Everyday: This is for inspiration for my cards. We’ll see what happens.

4) 10 Hours total of handlettering practice and watch the next video in Sean Wes’ series: Last time around I said 10 hours per week. That was a bit unrealistic, considering how I want to become a master coder, illustrator, designer, and card maker as well. Handlettering will definitely supplement these practices, but it has to share my spare time with these other pursuits I have.

5) Finish Javascript Book: Long story short, the boyfriend got a Javascript book and I am determined to read all tasks and finish it. Take a peek yourself, I recommend it.

6) Make one project: using Phaser.js. Doing this just to get my hands a little dirty.

7) One non-regular post per week: Besides “Those Things” and “Resource Run”, I have not been posting at all about printing. One might inquire: Why even do this blog at all?

I. Will. DO. THIS.

8) Make wood background: for pretty pictures, like such. 

What are your goals for September? Any tips on how to make sure you do them all? Give me all the thoughts and feels.

Those Things 008: Tom Pigeon

Created by Pete and Kristy Thomas, Tom Pigeon is a creative studio that makes minimalistic jewelry, stationary, and prints. As a big fan of simple geometric statements, this makes me want to jump into creating geometric screen prints, stat.

The fabric of this necklace (copper and formica) and their contrast is stunning:

Their abstract prints are also amazing. Below is “Harbour”:

“Sol Dawn”:

Resource Run 08/23/2015


++ Art ++

I’ve never heard of the wooden aquarelle coloring technique until now. Design Milk did a recent feature on Meike Harde’s wooden aquarelle pieces, which is absolutely stunning. Would love to have one of these mesmerizing, colorful pieces for my home.

++ Typography ++

A dating website for type? Who knew. Check out this super fun game to learn a bit more about type.

++ Positivity ++

My newest diet plan: eating a crapton of veggies. Brought to you by Zenhabits. I died laughing while reading this article.

++ Design ++

Last week, I was designing a small infographic for my company and read a great article that infographics should have minimal colors, but multiple shades. Here is a great article for creating shades in Illustrator.

Let me know if you find any of these interesting or useful!

Those Things 007: Jenny N. Design

I have been looking for adorable bags everywhere and I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.

Meet Jenny Nemlekar: a biomedical engineer turned artist who manipulates materials into gorgeous bags. I feel like I can somewhat relate – my neuroscience nerdiness is always a part of me, but the thing that is holding me back from pursuing a full-on science career is my need to create. Definitely an inspiring woman.

Learn more about her here!

Resource Run 08/16/2015


++ Print ++

There is nothing better than a strong desire to create paper from scratch. How much more hands on can you get? Bucket list status.

++ Fashion ++

As a sucker for geometric designs, I had to feature this gorgeous set of bracelets from Adorn Milk.

++ Blog ++

Thanks to Pink Pot, this will definitely be on my September’s To Do list: creating and/or finding a wood background for Space Thyme photos.

++ Design ++

My main takeaway from this article about infographic colors is that I should be focusing on using more shades, rather than giving into the temptation of using a multitude of colors.


Now off to go take a couple of friends on a tour of Chicago! Wish me luck.