WHAT is going on?


Hi folks.

I know it’s been a painfully long time since I posted anything on this blog. I’ve done a lot of reflecting, so I’ll try my best to keep it short and simple.

I want to fully document my experience, especially due to what has happened in the past month. I’ve decided to fully commit myself to becoming a designer of some sort (graphic? web? app?) but am lost in the staggering amount of work and projects that have been assigned to me.

This all being said – this blog will be moved to a new location (new name? not sure yet) and spacethymeprint.com will link officially to, you guessed it, my business Space Thyme Print.

Alas, I have many things to do – create a good number of cards so I can officially launch my store (don’t just want to have one thing!), create my personal website with portfolio, make a landing page for Space Thyme until I am ready to launch, get a new battery for my DSLR, get my Dribbble account going, breathe…

I also wanted to commit to a new direction with this blog. It started becoming a bit empty and was not reflective of what I am going through. I have been writing consistently every morning and I hope to have a good foundation of material to relaunch my blog.

Preview? It will revolve around my journey trying to be a designer of some sort while running my letterpress shenanigans. I will document what I am trying to learn, what I have learned, the mistakes and accomplishments I make, the conflicts that go on daily in my very confused mind, and other things that tickle me.

Questions? Thoughts? Feelings? Send them all my way. I hope that you will not see this blog post via spacethymeprint.com much longer!

Those Things 012: a&k Woodworking and Design

a&k is a small woodworking business located in Austin, TX. After graduating Massachusetts College Art and Design, Amanda McKeever and Khiem Nguyen decided to begin this incredible business. Aside from their products, one thing definitely worth checking out is their blog, as they show awesome behind-the-scenes images!

Sigh – there is always something so grounding and homey about wood furniture. Off to admire their work for a bit! (bonus: cool interactivity on the website – when you hover over the images, they show you the measurements)

[As always, the photos are linked to their actual website for purchasing]

A lot of their work is very simplistic and zen.

Gorgeous headboard:

I present to you the most gorgeous candle holders I’ve ever seen (don’t worry, the candles are in a glass container and cannot make the wood catch on fire. I checked.):

You can order custom designs from them as well! Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for new furniture.

Resource Run 09/27/15

resources10++ Coding ++

For those new to the world of Github, this is a helpful introduction article.

++ Design ++

I did not think about how the Rule-of-Thirds in photography applied to creating print design until this post. Probably really obvious, but I always associated the rule with photography.

++ Positivity ++

Wow did I really need to see a post like this. Zenhabits’ author makes an excellent point that all our negative feelings stem from a place of uncertainty. Seriously. Just think about it. Even simple awareness of uncertainty can help soothe the fears, which makes this such a fantastic post to reflect upon.

++ Fashion ++

Diggin’ the gem-stone, gold jewelry in Powers Handcrafted Jewelry. Particularly in love with the semicircle shapes. Totally treating myself to a ring post-getting all my edits done for this week.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to a new Monday!

Those Things 011: Velvet Mustache

My boyfriend and I love wandering into eclectic stores during our holiday trips. One of the stores we wandered into had an amazing collection of cushions hanging around on different furniture. As huge adorable animal fans, we nearly fell over with happiness. I kind of regret not buying one (hint: Christmas present? Lunar Moon Festival present??)

Velvet Mustache is a Canadian company that creates animal cushions for you to cuddle and make your horrible day much, much better. They use sustainable practices (local materials) to create their cushions, which is awesome.

I highly recommend that you get one for mental health. Let me know which is your favorite! (all images are from velvetmustache.ca, click for direct link to purchase)

Love the rose texture on this one: 

They sell adorable brooches as well and they have amazing patterns:

Go check them out!

Resource Run 09/20/15


++ Coding ++

Always good to have fundamental principles while coding front-end.

++ Design ++

This article is a fantastic reflection on the notion of time in our designs. Definitely worth a read.

++ Fashion ++

Oh My Clumsy Heart is a gorgeous jewelry store that caters to my love for geometric shapes. It also sympathizes with my clumsy nature, apparently.

++ Art ++

This photographer publishes 10 high-quality photos everyday that you are welcome to use for free. Excellent for creating websites and/or blog photos!

Travel Thyme: Vermont


Ahoy, folks.

The man and I just returned from a 5-day trip in Vermonster. Somewhat on a whim, we decided a couple weeks before the departure date that this would be the perfect location for Labor Day weekend.

Lush, green landscapes and an endless supply of maple syrup? Hard to beat.

Here is our itinerary, which I hope you may find of use when you decide to one day travel to the Green Mountain Land! (still a bit photo deficient, I know)

Day One

We arrived at our darling hotel inn, Northern Lights Lodge, at around 2 PM. At around $90 a night, it was quite a good deal. And who can say no to free cookies every night?

After settling in, we rented bikes in a nearby shop so we could hop onto the Recreational Trail. It was a gorgeous 11 mile bike ride and if we had chosen to bike earlier, we definitely would have taken advantage of the “don’t-need-to-lock-your-bike” situation. No need to lock your bike at a restaurant or bar!

Along the path, we met some unexpected goats and calves hanging out by the path. As my boyfriend says: “Unexpected goats are way better than expected goats.”


We turned in after a cosy meal at Crop, which was also conveniently a brewery, so we tasted our first beer flight of the trip. Nothing memorable, however.

Day Two

We headed out to Rock of Ages in Barre (pronounced BEAR-y), Vermont. Rock of Ages is a granite quarry and we largely went to make my Dad proud. It actually ended up being extremely interesting and the views were absolutely stunning. Definitely left with a newfound appreciation of the effort it takes to get a good piece of granite and the artistry required to shape the rock.


After we filled our brains with knowledge on Barre Grey granite, we drove over to Bragg Farm Sugar House to dip our toes into sugary sweetness. We got to sample a few types of maple syrup (did you know that later in the season = darker syrup due to longer boiling times required?) and the boyfriend treated me to a lovely cone of maple syrup soft serve. Amazing.


The thing that surprised me the most was how the sweetness of all the maple products hit me first, which was then followed with a slow crescendo of maple flavor and a final aftertaste of maple goodness. Definitely using maple syrup more in recipes.

Our final stop of the day was a walk around downtown Montpelier, the capital of Vermont. I loved the town was very quaint, but unfortunately everything was closed since it was past 4 PM on a Sunday. People in Montpelier definitely know what’s most important.

Forgot to mention – we did make a pit stop at a Cabot Creamery outlet, a company focusing on Cheddar cheese. We ecstatically sampled over 20 types of cheddar at the store.

Day Three


This was the day the man and I decided to venture out into the actual wilderness. We took a somewhat tough hike (for us! hah) to Sterling Pond.

thumb_IMG_5547_1024 thumb_IMG_5548_1024

The hike took over an hour to complete and was fairly steep, but we were greeted with this beauty at the top:


We also got to look down a few ski slopes and sit in an inactive ski lift. Absolutely worth the sweat, blood, and tears (not really any of the latter two).

Due to our lack of fitness, we decided to call it a day after our descent and ate an early dinner at Piecasso.

Day Four


We decided to do a much milder hike down to a waterfall within Smuggler’s Cove. Afterwards, we drove over to the Von Trapp Lodge and played a solid game of frisbee golf (where S totally kicked my butt). And if you were wondering: yes, Von Trapp as in The Sound of Music. Same family.



Bonus photo:


We had a short beer tasting at the Von Trapp brewery and drove over to every child’s dream: The Ben & Jerry factory.

Quite honestly, if there is one thing you can leave off this list, it’s the Ben & Jerry’s factory. I expected to be a pretty generic experience, so I wasn’t too upset. But other than the flavor graveyard, there really wasn’t much to it.

We ended our fourth day by attempting to squeeze in a cider tasting at Stowe Cider. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for the day, but the owner was kind enough to let us purchase a ginger cider. Cider in hand, we basked in the afternoon sun in the town center of Stowe and concluded our last evening there.

Day Five

For our last day, we decided to explore Burlington, as that was the closest city to the airport. Burlington is definitely a small college town, so there were a lot of cute stores and a bit of downtown hustle.

We strolled by the lakefront (which has a good number of chair swings on the boardwalk!) for an hour, then headed over to Citizen Cider for a cider tasting. This was by far my favorite alcoholic sampling we did in Vermont. Divine ciders and so much variety. Unfortunately, all my top favorite flavors were the ones they do not distribute nation-wide.


As if one tasting wasn’t enough – we decided to spend some time at Magic Hat Brewery, which was fun as an experience but the beer itself was not too exciting.

To end our delightful five day experience in Vermont, we visited the world’s tallest filing cabinet:


And here ends our time in the Green Mountain state.

The Quick and Dirty: for those who can’t stand reading paragraphs of travel descriptions…

What we did? Biked on the Recreational Path in Stowe, became friends with goats, hiked in Smuggler’s Cove/up to Sterling Pond, played frisbee golf at Von Trapp Lodge, Rock of Ages

What we ate/drank? None of the restaurants were memorable enough to recommend, so instead I will make a list of places where we tasted things:

Beer: Crop, Von Trapp Lodge, Magic Hat

Cider: Stowe Cider (sorta), Citizen Cider

All Things Sweet: Bragg Farm Sugar House, Ben & Jerry’s

Cheddar Cheese: Cabot

Where we stayed? Northern Lights Lodge (in Stowe), but we did day trips to Burlington, Barre, and Montpelier.

How we got around? You. must. rent. a. car. There is no public transportation to speak of.

Those Things 010: Sanya Glisic

Today’s feature is someone I personally know: Sanya Glisic. She was my teacher for screenprinting and I absolutely adore her work (and of course, she was an excellent teacher at Spudnik Press). In addition to screenprinting, she also does linoleum block printing and illustration.

Sanya’s submission for the Blue Moon label competition:

These next few prints I’m obsessed with because of their geometric nature: