WHAT is going on?


Hi folks.

I know it’s been a painfully long time since I posted anything on this blog. I’ve done a lot of reflecting, so I’ll try my best to keep it short and simple.

I want to fully document my experience, especially due to what has happened in the past month. I’ve decided to fully commit myself to becoming a designer of some sort (graphic? web? app?) but am lost in the staggering amount of work and projects that have been assigned to me.

This all being said – this blog will be moved to a new location (new name? not sure yet) and spacethymeprint.com will link officially to, you guessed it, my business Space Thyme Print.

Alas, I have many things to do – create a good number of cards so I can officially launch my store (don’t just want to have one thing!), create my personal website with portfolio, make a landing page for Space Thyme until I am ready to launch, get a new battery for my DSLR, get my Dribbble account going, breathe…

I also wanted to commit to a new direction with this blog. It started becoming a bit empty and was not reflective of what I am going through. I have been writing consistently every morning and I hope to have a good foundation of material to relaunch my blog.

Preview? It will revolve around my journey trying to be a designer of some sort while running my letterpress shenanigans. I will document what I am trying to learn, what I have learned, the mistakes and accomplishments I make, the conflicts that go on daily in my very confused mind, and other things that tickle me.

Questions? Thoughts? Feelings? Send them all my way. I hope that you will not see this blog post via spacethymeprint.com much longer!