Three Things

Well today I am starting my new job and insanely nervous, which I’m sure many of you have felt on your first day! It’s already surreal for me to be lounging on my job pre-work, mainly due to the fact that I am used to sprinting from the house at 6:30 AM to try to get to school on time whilst grabbing a coffee.

I had a lovely chat with a good friend, T, last Friday about productivity and how I always seem to overload myself with everything I want to do. And then of course, finding myself not being able to do it. I’ve tried multiple ways of making sure I get everything I want to done, like creating one giant list on Wunderlist that I cycle through, or several lists that I make sure I follow one task each. Either way, it wasn’t working out.

She advised me on something simple: choose three things to commit to every day.

Now, I did a little doodle on this, but my scanner is AWOL so I’ll just have to write it out. I thought to myself what 3 things I want to work on daily (later it will be monthly and yearly as well).

1. Space-Thyme:

By this I mean my blog, my dream Etsy shop, and pushing myself to learn how to illustrate, design (I am by no means a natural artist, I developed this passion recently), screenprinting and letterpress.

2. Coding:

I think in this day and age, skills > degrees in many cases. I’ve always wanted to design websites and maybe even generate platforms. Either way, this is something I keep picking up and dropping (I even took a 12 week workshop series earlier this year), so I really need to push through with it so it’s something I can confidently utilize.

3. Physical Health:

I’ve dropped the ball on this one ever since I stopped competitively swimming, and more recently, being a yoga fanatic. I was even teaching yoga as a part-time job at one point! Now that I am not deliriously drowning in the world of teaching, I want to refocus on my physical health for the long term and see how to incorporate it around this new 9 – 6 job (wow, I’m such an adult).

What three things are you committing to/do you want to commit to daily? Have you found other ways of hitting up everything you want to learn/do on a regular basis? Let us know!

Artist Ray Maseman

Several weeks ago, my boyfriend and I traversed the Hyde Park Art Festival. Though painfully chilly, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of art present. The one artist who stood out to me by far was Ray Maseman. The quirky characters such as giraffes, seahorses, and boats, as well as the stories told through each image, had me hooked.

“Maseman creates these whimsical journeys through provocative and incongruous landscapes through the scientific and rigorous process of etching. Maseman etches lines and textures on copper plates using a variety of chemical and physical techniques. He then inks and prints these plates on paper to build narrative layers of color and rhythm that tell the story in ways drawing or painting alone can not.”

Surveyors – Ray

Chess – Ray Maseman

Sub-Arctic Exploration – Ray Maseman

Those Things 001: Tiro Tiro

I was staring at other blogs to figure out how to start off with a good “beginning” post. There’s a good chance most people won’t see this first post, so I decided to jump straight into writing about what I really want to. I will probably do a more proper introductory post once I figure out what I want to do with my life (or this blog, for that matter).

I’m starting up with a “Those Things” post. Here is what makes up a “Those Things” post:

  • something I love
  • something I need to meditate on truly buying
  • something that is awesome possum status anyways and I might just give into the buy

Like I said, pretty unstructured. We’ll see how things play out.

Today I’m featuring Tiro Tiro,  a jewelry designer who stumbled across metalsmithing in Mexico and started 3 successful jewelry lines (note to self: bucket list for dabble classes). I’m a sucker for all things geometric with multiple lines and her rings hit the spot. The only drawback for me is that I usually cannot handle wearing rings as I get too irritated. Her other pieces with the white linen fringe is also edgy and beautiful, but not quite something I would adorn.

Porta Ring – Tiro Tiro

Campana Necklace – Tiro Tiro

Oh, and side note – hair styling on the models? Bizarrely awesome.